A Weekly Podcast Discussing Dark Pools and Featuring Conversations with Fellow Traders Who Share Their Experiences and Trading Strategies

Welcome to TheBesTTraders Podcast where we delve into the fascinating world of trading. Join me, “ThePivotKing", as I explore dark pools, also known as block trades, with industry experts. Each week, we uncover the hidden dynamics of these large-scale transactions and their impact on the market.

Additionally, I sit down with fellow traders to share their unique experiences and trading strategies. From seasoned professionals to up-and-coming traders, we dive deep into their journeys, successes, and lessons learned in the ever-evolving world of trading.

Tune in for insightful discussions, valuable insights, and actionable tips to elevate your trading game. Uncover the secrets to success and explore the diverse perspectives that shape the landscape of modern trading.

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Podcast Episodes

Tom Schneider
Tom Schneider

Mastering Pivot Points & Support/Resistance: Tom Schneider’s Technical Analysis Explained

Tom Schneider brings a wealth of experience to the table, particularly in business development, technical analysis, and data visualization. His background in these areas gives him a deep understanding of financial markets, technical analysis tools, and the importance of data visualization in making informed trading decisions.

Tom’s expertise extends to advanced technical analysis techniques, allowing him to analyze market trends and identify trading opportunities. Tom’s mentoring skills and strong work ethic are additional assets that he brings to any organization. Experience and knowledge play a significant role in developing successful traders. Tom’s ability to mentor others likely stems from his own experiences and successes in the industry, making him a valuable resource for both junior traders and seasoned professionals alike.
Anthony Crudele
Anthony Crudele

Unlocking Trading Strategies with Anthony Crudele: Expert Insights & Techniques Revealed!

Anthony Crudele, with over 25 years of expertise in Futures Trading, embarked on his journey in 1995 as a runner at Lyn Waldock, laying the foundation for his extensive involvement in financial markets. Progressing through diverse roles, he ascended to become one of the youngest members at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), where he held multiple seats and played a pivotal role in pioneering electronic trading. With a remarkable 23-year tenure at the CME, Crudele’s dedication underscores his unwavering passion for the industry.

Come along as we delve into charts, identifying crucial points of focus with pin point accuracy. We’ll examine the most recent price movements, deciphering institutional dark pool activity to gain insights into buying and selling dynamics. Moreover, we will formulate thorough strategies for navigating both the E-Mini S&P and the broader market landscape.
Julia Cordova

Insights with Julia Cordova: Unveiling the Path to Profitable Trading

Join us for an electrifying episode featuring Julia Cordova as we delve into the dynamic world of trading. From forecasting the trajectory of the S&P in 2023 to anticipating movements in gold and the evolving landscape of natural gas, we explore the complexities of these markets, particularly in light of current natural gas prices hovering around the $2.50 mark.

But that’s not all – we also dissect geopolitical events and the essential ingredients for achieving profitability as a trader. This conversation isn’t just entertaining; it’s packed with invaluable insights that any aspiring portfolio manager or trader will find indispensable. Tune in and discover the gems that can shape your journey in the financial markets.
Bruce. B
Episode: 4 - Sunday-Jan-31-2023

Insights From Bruce at VolumeLeaders: Dark Pools (Block Trades) Data and Analytics

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Bruce from VolumeLeaders, who is also a notable contributor on TheBesTTraders, focusing on Dark Pools (Block Trades). Together, we delve into interpreting block trades on charts and deciphering the strategic positioning of major players, particularly institutional investors. If you’re eager to witness firsthand how we leverage block trades analytics and seamlessly integrate them with our charting tools, this episode is a must-watch.

As a member of TheBesTTraders community, you gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including access to “The Dark Pool Sniper Tool” aka (The Super Tool as many like to refer the tool to). Stay tuned for more engaging discussions with Bruce in the pipeline. Don’t miss out!
Dale Pinkert
Episode: 3 - Thursday-August-15-2019

Dale Pinkert: Ex-CME (IOM) Division Member & Mentor for Retail and Prop Traders, Shares Insights from 1000+ Trader Interviews

Join us for an enlightening journey with Dale as he shares his remarkable career trajectory, starting from the operations floor of the CME during the era of trading on chalkboards with Dean Witter. From obtaining his Series 3 broker license in 1976 to founding and running Pinkert Commodities GIB, Dale’s expertise spans decades of market evolution.

Being a Member of the CME (IOM) Division and his forecasts featured on renowned financial media like CNBC, Dale brings unparalleled insights to the table. Beyond his illustrious career, Dale has dedicated himself to coaching and mentoring both retail and proprietary traders, earning a stellar reputation for his expertise. Tune in as Dale takes us behind the scenes of his interviews with over 1000 top traders, offering invaluable perspectives from both sides of the microphone.
Anthony J. Durkacz
Episode: 2 - Wednesday-July-17-2019

Director and Executive Vice President of First Republic Capital. Chairman of World Class Extractions and Co Chairman of FSD Pharma

Anthony Durkacz is currently a Director and Executive Vice President at First Republic Capital Corporation, which he joined in January 2014. First Republic has acted as the exclusive agent of the company and has raised approximately $53 million of equity capital to date.

Previously, Anthony Durkacz was President of Capital Ideas Investor Relations and before that Director and CFO of Snipp Interactive Inc. (TSXV: SPN). He was instrumental in the financing and public listing of the mobile marketing company with operations in Canada, USA, Mexico and India.

Anthony Durkacz is also the owner and President of Fortius Research & Trading Corp., which provides financial and investor relations consulting services to micro and small cap companies in various sectors and develops investment strategies for high net worth individuals. He also served as COO and CFO of MKU Canada Inc. engaging in mergers and acquisitions globally, and from 2002 to 2006 he served as the CFO of Astris Energi Inc., a dually listed public company in the USA and Canada which was acquired by an international conglomerate.

He began his career at TD Securities on the capital markets trading floor. Anthony Durkacz holds an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University with a major in Accounting and Finance.
Joe Marcantonio
Joseph Marcantonio
Episode: 1 - Friday - June-28-2019

Real Estate Consultant and Stakeholder in Property Investments

Join us for the first episode of TheBesTTraders.com Podcast, featuring Joseph Marcantonio, my brother and esteemed real estate advisor and shareholder of real estate assets. Together, we delve into real estate investments, exploring its potential for lucrative returns when managed effectively. From navigating tenant relationships in large-scale multi-unit buildings to optimizing cost-saving strategies, Joseph shares invaluable insights garnered from his extensive experience.

Additionally, he sheds light on the various tax incentives associated with real estate investment. With Joseph’s wealth of knowledge in apartment building acquisitions and property investment, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio into real estate. Don’t miss out on Joseph’s firsthand account of his journey into the world of real estate and the valuable tips he offers for aspiring investors.

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