Weekly Podcast Where Traders Share Their Stories and Their Strategies Day and Swing Trading These Markets

These podcasts are 1 of a kind and are tailored for novice and or experienced traders. The podcasts that Steven hosts are to help traders become more profitable traders. Lots of Tips and Tricks in these Podcasts and Steven only interviews the Best of The Best Traders.

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Podcast Episodes

Julia Cordova

Podcast With Julia Cordova Talking About What It Takes To Become a Profitable Trader (Excellent Show BTW)

Was on an explosive show with Julia Cordova! We talked about where the SandP is going in 2023, where Gold will be heading and what we see developing in Natgas in the foreseeable future with these prices now in the 2.50 area in Natgas. We also talked about Geo-Political events and what it takes for a trader into becoming a profitable trader! This was not just entertaining but full of jewels one will want to learn if you are deciding to manage and trade your own portfolio.
Bruce. B
Episode: 4 - Sunday-Jan-31-2023

Bruce From VolumeLeaders Specializing In Block Trades Data and Analytics

Bruce from VolumeLeaders joined me today who is also a contributor on TheBesTTraders regarding Dark Pools (Block Trades). We discuss blocks on charts and where we see the big players (Institutions) positioning. If you want to see how we utilize Block Trades (Analytics) and incorporate it with our Charting Tools this is the show you will want to watch. Being a member with TheBesTTraders you gain access to all these tools 4000+ Blocks on Charts (Analytics Data) Many more shows are planned with Bruce in the future. Stay Tuned!!!
Dale Pinkert
Episode: 3 - Thursday-August-15-2019

Dale Pinkert Former Member of the CME (IOM) Division Coach/Mentor Retail and Prop Trader Inverviewed Over 1000 Traders

Dale began his career in operations on the CME floor for Dean Witter when they traded currency futures on chalkboards. He became a licensed Series 3 broker in 1976 and went on to own and operate Pinkert Commodities GIB. He became a Member of the CME (IOM) Division for a stint and his forecasts have been aired on many Financial media including CNBC.

Dale has Coached/Mentored retail and prop traders and has gained solid reputation for his work on the other side of the mic having interviewed over 1000 of the best of the best in Trading.
Anthony J. Durkacz
Episode: 2 - Wednesday-July-17-2019

Director and Executive Vice President of First Republic Capital. Chairman of World Class Extractions and Co Chairman of FSD Pharma

Anthony Durkacz is currently a Director and Executive Vice President at First Republic Capital Corporation, which he joined in January 2014. First Republic has acted as the exclusive agent of the company and has raised approximately $53 million of equity capital to date.

Previously, Anthony Durkacz was President of Capital Ideas Investor Relations and before that Director and CFO of Snipp Interactive Inc. (TSXV: SPN). He was instrumental in the financing and public listing of the mobile marketing company with operations in Canada, USA, Mexico and India.

Anthony Durkacz is also the owner and President of Fortius Research & Trading Corp., which provides financial and investor relations consulting services to micro and small cap companies in various sectors and develops investment strategies for high net worth individuals. He also served as COO and CFO of MKU Canada Inc. engaging in mergers and acquisitions globally, and from 2002 to 2006 he served as the CFO of Astris Energi Inc., a dually listed public company in the USA and Canada which was acquired by an international conglomerate.

He began his career at TD Securities on the capital markets trading floor. Anthony Durkacz holds an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University with a major in Accounting and Finance.
Joe Marcantonio
Joseph Marcantonio
Episode: 1 - Friday - June-28-2019

Real Estate Advisor and ShareHolder of Real Estate Assets

TheBesTTraders.com Podcast starts the first episode with Joseph Marcantonio my brother and real estate adviser and shareholder of Real Estate Assets. We discuss how real estate can be rewarding if managed and done correctly. We go over how to deal with tenants in multi 100+ unit buildings and how to save on costs/expenses when managing multi-unit buildings. Joseph also goes over tax incentives when investing in real estate.

Joseph has a wide wealth of experience and knowledge when looking for apartment buildings and investing in real estate. You won’t want to miss this podcast where Joseph describes how he got into real estate and how he brought me along for the ride with him. This is for listeners who want to diversify into real estate. Joseph gives some tips on what to look for when investing in real estate.

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