Find High Probability Setups Short or Long on Any Time Frame Charts


Have you ever felt hesitant about when to enter and/or exit the market? Have you ever felt blinded and have no direction or rules when entering in a trade? Your problem can now be solved by learning some Pivot Point stock trading Strategies with Steven Marcantonio aka “The Pivot King”. In this very comprehensive Pivot Point trading strategy course; Steven will guide you through the steps of conducting Pivot Point Trading Analysis Rules that he religiously uses in finding precise, low-risk entries and exits. Using The To The TICK® Pivot King Course you will gain better control over your trades whether you are day trading or swing trading and become a more confident and profitable trader by doing so.

Enroll Today! “To The TICK® Pivot King Course”

  • The Course Costs $1995.00 U.S. . This Course is Both for Beginners and or Experienced Traders. You Will Get Access to 3 Months Subscription To The Private To The TICK® Pivot King Course. You will also Receive a 3 Month FREE Membership Access to Community Forum Which Costs $95.99 Per Month.
  • That is a Savings of $287.99 included in the $1995.00 Purchase of The Pivot King Course. To The TICK®. You Also Get Access To Dark Pool Block Trades On Charts and Market Internals Which NO ONE OFFERS!!!
  • Space is Very Limited So If You Receive a Message That The Course is Full At This Time, You Will Be on A Waiting List For The Next Course Offering.

*** I am accepting applications now for the To The TICK® Pivot King Course. This is on a first come first serve basis. ***

    What Will You Learn In The Pivot Point Trading Strategy?

    • Using Pivot Point Trading Analysis support and resistance levels to find precise, high-probability entries and exits.
    • How not to chase trades and start anticipating trades by being patient and waiting for price to come to you instead of chasing trades.
    • Mapping Pivot Points and finding areas Algos and Institutions like to hide. You will gain an incredible edge mapping pivots when trading stocks, futures, currencies, and ETF funds in any time frames you prefer.
    • Managing risk and reward ratio (RRR) using Moving Averages and other Indicators that are included in most trading platforms.
    • Targeting low-risk entries and existing trends in a quick and easy way.
    • Spotting counter-trend trades and where trends are likely to reverse.
    • Leveraging Pivot Point extensions as profit taking targets whether you are day trading or swing trading or doing both at the same time using 2 trading accounts.
    • Understanding why turning points in the market tend to occur at Pivot T Targets where moves tend to terminate.
    • Adapting position size and Pivot Point Strategies in taking profits in a trend/trade. Also detailing where to put your stop when taking a Day Trade or Swing Trade.
    • Prepare trades in advance using Pivot Point Retracements and targets to the downside or upside using multiple different time frames.
    • Combining Pivot Point Secrets and Strategies along with Dark Pool Trades and Market Internals in correctly finding area’s of least resistance. Also, finding areas where counter-trending trades can pay off by combining Dark Pool Trade Data/Market Internals with Pivotal Points Analysis.

    The To The TICK® Pivot King Course Breakdown:

    • Pivot Point Mapping Strategy Secrets Approx: 7 Hours 30 min Video
    • Live Private Room in Community Forum with access to Steven Marcantonio Full Time discussing on how to Map these Pivot Points using Multiple Time-Frames for Day Trades and Swing Trades.
    • Live Webinars Daily discussing trade setups/triggers only given to Course Members. Videos are also recorded so if you miss the session you can always go back and listen to the recording in the course room.
    • Free 3 month membership to the private “To The Tick Pivot King Course Room” and The Trading Forum with Access To All Rooms In The Trading Forum in which you can have access to The Pivot King personally in the private room for any questions you may have regarding mapping of Pivots or any other questions you may have.

    TheBesTTraders The Pivot King To The Tick Course Information and What You Need To Know Before Applying To The Pivot King Course

    Some Examples of To The Tick® Level Hits You Will Learn In Taking The To The TICK® Pivot King Course . 1000s of Examples Are On My My Twitter Page Please Note: These Levels are Given Before Price Hits As Many That Know Me Already Know!

    Pivot Point Trading SandP/ES Swing Trade Example-1: best_online_stock_market_trading_course Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Strategy SandP/ES Day Trade Example-2 pivot_point_trading_secrets-1 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Rules NatGas/NG Swing Trade Example-3 pivot_point_trading_strategies_intraday-1 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Strategies USD Dollar/DX Swing Trade Example-4 Pivot_Point_Trading_strategy-2 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Techniques Silver Day Trade Example-5 pivot_point_trading_techniques-1 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Strategies QQQ ETF Swing Trade Example-6 Stock_Trading_Course_For_Beginners-1 Click Here to Enlarge