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  • The Course Costs $1995.00 U.S. . This Course is Both for Beginners and or Experienced Traders. You Will Get Access to 3 Months Subscription To The Private To The TICK® The Pivot King Course. You will also Receive a 3 Month FREE Membership Access to Community Forum along With Blocks (Dark Pools) On Charts Which Costs $109.00 Per Month on a Quarterly Package.
  • That is a Savings of $327.00 included in the $1995.00 Purchase of The Pivot King Course. To The TICK®. You Also Get Access To Dark Pool Block Trades On Charts and Market Internals Which NO ONE OFFERS!!!
  • Space is Very Limited So If You Receive a Message That The Course is Full At This Time, You Will Be on A Waiting List For The Next Course Offering.

*** I am accepting applications now for the To The TICK® The Pivot King Course. This is on a first come first serve basis. ***

    What Will You Learn In The Pivot Point Trading Strategy?

    • Using Pivot Point Trading Analysis support and resistance levels to find precise, high-probability entries and exits.
    • How not to chase trades and start anticipating trades by being patient and waiting for price to come to you instead of chasing trades.
    • Mapping Pivot Points and finding areas Algos and Institutions like to hide. You will gain an incredible edge mapping pivots when trading stocks, futures, currencies, and ETF funds in any time frames you prefer.
    • Managing risk and reward ratio (RRR) using Moving Averages and other Indicators that are included in most trading platforms.
    • Targeting low-risk entries and existing trends in a quick and easy way.
    • Spotting counter-trend trades and where trends are likely to reverse.
    • Leveraging Pivot Point extensions as profit taking targets whether you are day trading or swing trading or doing both at the same time using 2 trading accounts.
    • Understanding why turning points in the market tend to occur at Pivot T Targets where moves tend to terminate.
    • Adapting position size and Pivot Point Strategies in taking profits in a trend/trade. Also detailing where to put your stop when taking a Day Trade or Swing Trade.
    • Prepare trades in advance using Pivot Point Retracements and targets to the downside or upside using multiple different time frames.
    • Combining Pivot Point Secrets and Strategies along with Dark Pool Trades and Market Internals in correctly finding area’s of least resistance. Also, finding areas where counter-trending trades can pay off by combining Dark Pool Trade Data/Market Internals with Pivotal Points Analysis.

    The To The TICK® The Pivot King Course Breakdown:

    00:00 – 2:11 – Why are you referred to as “To The Tick” “The Pivot King” I Give some examples of To The Tick Hits and calling the close to the exact Tick for Jackson Hole as an example for not one day but 2 days in a row.
    I go over 2 examples calling targets “To The Tick” for Jackson Hole one of the busiest days in the markets. 1st target was called 4202.75 by 4:00 p.m and it hit To The Tick. The next day called a close 4043.25 which also hit to the tick at the close 4:00 p.m. This is why I am referred to as “To The Tick” “The Pivot King” clear 2 examples of To The Tick Hits along with the Time in Real Time!
    2:11 – 5:45 – Why have you been closed for 4 years not accepting new members (Subscribers) or even a FREE Trial in 4 years.
    Trading is my first priority and I just wanted a couple of dedicated traders in the forum so we can all exchange setups based on The Pivot King Course. I am happy many of them stood by every month so I kept the site closed. After being bothered all these years especially people from twitter telling me to open it up I finally budged to open the forum up after 4 years. Will see how it goes might close it down again if it takes up to much of my time. As I said trading is my 1st priority.
    5:45 – 24:40 – Continuation on why you are referred to as “To The Tick” “The Pivot King” examples of To The Tick Hits calling the close 2 days in a row to the tick right at 4:00 p.m for Jackson Hole one of the busiest days all year.
    This is a continuation of why I have been named “To The Tick” and “The Pivot King” Which by the way both names are my registered trademark.
    24:40 – 36:25 – What is the application process when applying to the “To The Tick” Pivot King Course?

    Course is $1995.00 you get access for 3 months along with all the tools/indicators included with a 3rd party charting software that we use where the indicators are shown. Please do not waste my time when applying to the pivot king course. Time is precious and please do not abuse this application process just wanting to speak with me about trading.

    Please put your legal first and last name matching a gov’t issued id as you will need to sign an NDA so your name filling out the course needs to be exactly as your gov’t issued id name. Put your Email Address, your country, twitter handle if you don’t have a twitter handle you will need to create a twitter account. I do vet everybody who comes into this forum you will get an email from one of our staff regarding your application. I Do not want this forum diluted with people that want there hand held the whole point of this course/forum is for you to hold your own hand. The course and forum teaches you had to FISH!

    This is not a discord room or some substack this is the best trading community (Forum) which is built for traders that you will ever find. Apply for a FREE Trial and see for yourself.

    36:25 – 36: 45 How long do I have access to the pivot king course for and does it include access to the forum along with dark pools blocks on charts?

    You get access to 3 months to the pivot king course and the trading community forum. This is a subscription with the pivot king course it is not live it is pre-recorded and I do update the course every so often.

    In 3 months you can do the course it is about 5 and half hours used to be more but made it straight to the point this can change on any update to the pivot king course. Once 3 months has arrived you will be prompted a pricing plan where you can purchase a subscription to the trading forum. If you are looking for monthly subscriptions you are not serious and don’t want these types of traders diluting my forum if you are serious you will go with quarterly, semi or annually which is why I only offer these types of packages. If you are looking for something monthly please go somewhere else many other sites for you to go discord and or substack rooms 1000s of them out there. You also get access to 5 daily videos a week to prepare for your next trading day which everybody loves.

    36:45 – 45:10 – How long is the pivot king course and is the pivot king course live or pre-recorded?
    The Pivot King Course is about 5 and half hours use to be longer. It’s straight to the point your time should be used watching screens (Price Action and posting probable trade setups to the forum that is the way you truly learn. I do update the pivot king course every so often I provide a 50% discount if you want a refresher in the pivot king course you can repurchase this with a 50% discount when you are logged into the forum. You also get another 3 month access to the community forum and blocks on charts included with the 50% discount on the pivot king course if you need a refreshed in the course down the road.
    45:15 – 47:50 – Does the pivot king course run on a mac?

    The indicators that have been built for me from the 3rd party charting software that we use where the indicators and mapping of the pivots are done only runs on a Windows Desktop. It does not run on a MAC. HOWEVER, some in the forum who have a MAC used Parrells for MAC – you can also watch a youtube video here on how to install Parrells so your MAC can run windows applications.

    You can also use Bootcamp which is FREE but its not as good as Parrells which there is a fee for the Parrells software so you MAC can run Windows Applications. Some in the forum have it setup with Parrells and they stated its fine only issue is you have to pay for Parrells.

    If you want to try Installing bootcamp which is free more information about it can be found here:

    48:00 – 51:39 – What is the 3rd party software you use for your indicators on your charts.
    Why I used this 3rd party software company to develop my indicators is because it is a smaller company than the major other charting software companies out there like tradingview, tradestation, multicarts etc. I don’t want my stuff shared so I went with this company and I am loyal to the people I work with. This company has been around for 40 years by the way. Reason why I don’t mention the company is because many people have been calling them about thebesttraders and THEY ARE NOT A PARTNER OF THEBESTTRADERS they are a charting platform just like tradingview, tradestation, multicarts etc. This company is not affiliated with The Best Traders they just developed my indicators so I use them for the charting platform (Charts) as I am loyal to the people I work with so I stuck with them. This company is not a big company like with 4000 employees where they would have access to my developed indicators proprietary information. I wanted a small company so it is protected and secure. There support is exceptional by the way when you call them they answer the phones quickly which I also like if you need support.
    51:47 – 1:03:10 – How Do I setup The Data Feed For Real Time Data With The 3rd party charting platform software that you use and if you can breakdown the costs?

    Datafeeds which you can use with the 3rd party software are: FXCM, Interactive Brokers (Highly Recommended) eSignal, TransAct Futures, IQFeed, TraderBytes, Barchart, Ninja Trader, Mirus Futures, IG Markets, IG Marets Direct, TD Ameritrade

    You need the datafeed in real time to feed the data into the 3rd party trading software. I highly recommend Interactive Brokers which they have cheap data feed pricing which will plug into the 3rd party charting platform. Why I recommend using Interactive Brokers is the cost of real time data feed is cheaper then anywhere else. Trading commission fee’s per trade are also cheaper then anywhere else. I find Interactive Brokers much more stable than other trading platforms and data feeds as well. Many if not all the TheBesTTraders Trading Forum members have switched to Interactive Brokers and they all tell me they are happy with the switch its cheaper and much more reliable than many other brokers out there.

    If you don’t want to use the indicators that most if not all use on the trading forum you can still learn how to map setups and find support/resistance zones. The mapping of pivots can be used with any charting platform like tradingview, tradestation however as I stated the indicators are deadly to use combined with our unique mapped pivots of support and resistance zones. The course teaches you to map pivots the right way and what to look for and as I said you can use any trading platform to map these setups so if you choose to stay with your own charting platform tradingview or whatever that is fine as you will still be able to map pivots with your existing charting platform but you won’t have access to my proprietary indicators if you do so.

    There is a fee for the 3rd party charting software per month or annually per month it is $49.95 per Year you can get it for $499.00 which includes 2 free months if you purchase the year.) This fee is separate from the pivot king course and subscription to the forum. Like I have stated I just used this company to develop my indicators you will have to purchase this charting software from them to load the indicators which is a separate fee from the pivot king course. When you use Interactive brokers for example that is your datafeed that feeds into the 3rd party software platform. That feed is separate cost I am not a partner or affiliated with the 3rd party software site I just use them for my charting and indicators that they have developed for me. This is the fee if you want to start trading on your own. Everyone knows it costs to get setup to trade with your charting software and data feeds along with your broker commissions that the name of the game! You pay for the course, get 3 months access to the forum, get blocks on charts then you have to setup the 3rd charting platform software that feeds in the real time data feed and indicators. I recommend you use Interactive Brokers with the cheap commissions per trade, and reliable data feed in real time and cheap prices for real time market data feed. If you have any questions about this of course we can talk about this in the live call we do in the application process to the pivot king course. The video though above explains this in great detail so please watch the video above before asking any questions regarding the 3rd party charting platform. Thank you.

    1:03:10 – 1:07:25 – Do your indicators only work on your 3rd Party Trading Software Platform
    Yes, I used this 3rd Party trading platform because they do not have a lot of employees like tradingview, tradestation etc and I don’t want my material shared with all these internal employees that would have access my proprietary indicators. I used this 3rd party charting platform because it’s a small company, they developed my indicators for me and I am very loyal to the people I work with. This is not designed for tradingview, tradestation etc they developed my indicators and I stick with only them. They have been around for 40 years and there support is exceptional when you call them they answer the phone right away not like many other charting platforms out there. You have questions about the 3rd party charting software you call them not me they built my indicators so I use them. The indicators DO NOT LOAD on any other charting platform except the 3rd party charting platform that I use for my indicators and 99% of the forum uses. It’s 49.95 a month or 499.00 a year.
    1:07:25 – 1:13:25 – What happens after the pivot king course expires after 3 months do I still have access to the indicators and the trading forum/blocks on charts?

    After 3 months you will be presented a pricing plan page when you log into the forum where you can see the pricing for the packages in quarterly, semi and annually. You can view these prices on the membership page as well on The Best Traders.

    Indicators stop working in 3 months once your subscription expires. If you are not a member of the the indicators stop working. As long as you are a member of the besttraders you will have access to the indicators and as long as you are subscribed as well with the 3rd party charting platform which is separate from The Best Traders

    1:13:25 – 1:27:03 – What is the difference between the to the tick pivot king course and other courses out there.

    1 on 1 mentorship is a waste of money and reading all those books is also a waste of money. The best way to learn is to be apart of the right trading community and watching screens and being apart of a community of well developed traders that are hungry and eager to share and learn and develop in there trading journey. A trading forum that is NOT DILUTED with 1000s of posts with different trading techniques makes it very confusing which is why I vet everyone that comes into The Best Traders Trading Community Forum.

    Other courses out there cost 5K-10K does not even come close to what you would learn in the pivot king course its simple technique straight to the points. All those hours spending watching videos should be spent watching screens and how price moves.

    1:27:03 – 1:37:45 – I can see why now it is beneficial in taking the To The Tick Pivot King Course and being apart of the right community thank you PK.
    Referred to the private message from Bertrand in the forum talking about I can see why it is beneficial to be apart of a good trading community.
    1:37:45 – 1:41:35 – What is the difference between a bronze, gold and platinum package?

    Gold and platinum package only difference is you can private message other pivot king course members in a Platinum package and you get the crown over your avatar picture head in the forum letting others know you took the pivot king course. That is the only difference between the gold and platinum package. Both Gold and Platinum packages you get access to the whole forum all rooms except the pivot king course room and access to all Daily Videos.

    The Bronze package you get access to only 2 rooms the trade alerts room and the block trades room. YOU DO NOT GET ACCESS TO DAILY VIDEOS WITH A BRONZE PACKAGE.

    1:41:35 – 1:44:10 – Do I have access to the indicators on the 3rd party charting platform if I am subscribed to the bronze package and not the platinum package after I have taken the pivot king course.
    The only way you get access to the 3rd party indicators is if you are a platinum member and platinum members are members that have taken the pivot king course. Only way to become a platinum member. If you drop down to a bronze package you will not have access to the indicators on the 3rd charting platform you have to be a platinum member having taken the pivot king course.
    1:44:10 – 1:50:15 – Can I use the pivot king method for both Intraday trading and or swing trading.
    Yes, if you have a full time job, part-time the pivot king course method/strategy is used for traders that want to just start out trading and or experienced traders.
    1:50:15 – 1:53:49 – Does the pivot king method help for beginner traders and or experienced traders?
    Yes, many traders in the forum just started out and they came and found the right place to start there trading journey. It is both for beginner and or experienced traders refer to the video above where I talk about this in more detail
    1:53:49 – 2:03:15 – I never traded futures before but you keep on recommending to trade futures and or micros. My question is what is the difference between trading futures (Micros) against trading stocks, ETF’S, ETN’S or even doing options?
    Trading Futures is whom I call The Boyz don’t want you to know about. It’s that hidden gem! There is a section in tax law that gives you lower taxes on capital gains talk to your accountant about this if he is good he will know. The Ability to trade overnight, unlimited liquidity, no PDT Rule that some of you hate and have to abide by. You need to know how margin works and the tickers for futures and roll overs. The video above talks about this in more detail. I use Interactive Brokers as my broker to do trades which has very low commissions if not the lowest I have seen and I find their trading platform is very stable not like many out there that keep on going down like (RobinHood) LOL. You can also hedge with micro futures or even trade with micros taking profit along the way on a short or long. Micros are 1/10th a futures contract so its very light. Micros are good for scaling in and out of trades. Definitely recommend using micros/futures you can manage your position way better then stocks and or options video above talks about this in more detail.
    2:03:15 – 2:20:36 – Is there such a thing as a holy grail in trading?
    NO. You got to work hard in this arena of sharks. Be apart of the right trading community, have the right tools, have the right method/strategy have dedication and patience and learn from fellow peers in your trading community. It’s like you drive a Ferrari and I drive a Mustang GT yet I always win the race. You are the driver of you own car and its up to that driver that wins races of course the car helps but in the end the driver plays an important role in winning races. The Pivot King Course gives you tools/indicators but in the end you are YOUR OWN HOLY GRAIL!!! Be on the lookuout for Former Hedge Fund managing billions which most hedge funds lose money by the way. Or, former retired banker, former hedge managing 10 billion, former Goldman Sachs trader, former JP Morgan trader. One thing you should never do is follow anyone’s trades you might get lucky for couple of months but if you don’t know how they got that (Trade Setup) in the end you are not going to last and you will get wiped out! More information in the video above that goes into great detail if there is such a thing as a holy grail. The Answer is: You are the holy grail!!!

    Some Examples of To The Tick® Level Hits You Will Learn In Taking The To The TICK® Pivot King Course.

    Pivot Point Trading SandP/ES Swing Trade Example-1: best_online_stock_market_trading_course Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Strategy SandP/ES Day Trade Example-2 pivot_point_trading_secrets-1 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Rules NatGas/NG Swing Trade Example-3 pivot_point_trading_strategies_intraday-1 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Strategies USD Dollar/DX Swing Trade Example-4 Pivot_Point_Trading_strategy-2 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Techniques Silver Day Trade Example-5 pivot_point_trading_techniques-1 Click Here to Enlarge
    Pivot Point Trading Strategies QQQ ETF Swing Trade Example-6 Stock_Trading_Course_For_Beginners-1 Click Here to Enlarge