5 Daily Videos a Week To Prepare For The Next Trading Day

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Sept-28-2022 – ES, Silver, VIX, Natgas, OIL -Download Charts

Sept-27-2022 – ES, Silver, Natgas, OIL, VIX

Sept-26-2022 – ES, Silver, Natgas, OIL, VIX

Sept-25-2022 – ES, Silver, OIL, VIX, Natgas -Download Charts

Sept-22-2022 – ES, Silver, Natgas, OIL

Sept-21-2022 – ES, Silver, OIL, Natgas, VIX

Sept-20-2022 – ES, VIX, Silver, OIL, Natgas

Sept-18-2022 – ES, VIX, Natgas, OIL, VIX -Download Charts

Sept-15-2022 – ES, Natgas, Silver, VIX

Sept-14-2022 – ES, OIL, Silver and Natgas