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Dec-5-2023 – ES, Gold, Natgas, OIL

Dec-4-2023 – ES, Silver, Gold, Natgas, OIL -Download Charts

Dec-1-2023 – ES, Gold, Natgas, OIL

Nov-30-2023 – ES, Gold, OIL, Natgas

Nov-29-2023 – ES, Gold, OIL, Natgas

Nov-27-2023 – ES, Gold, Natgas, OIL, Russell -Download Charts

Nov-27-2023 – ES, Gold, OIL, Russell, VIX

Nov-22-2023 – ES, Gold, OIL

Nov-21-2023 – ES, Gold, OIL, Natgas, Russell

Nov-20-2023 – ES, Gold, OIL