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As far as I am concerned there is NO EQUAL to Steven (PK) and his pivots. His insight and knowledge (also reflected in the pivots) truly pinpoints “TO THE TICK” the levels on just about any instrument. It’s been proven time and time again which means it’s real. John Kassabian


Introducing: The Pivot King

Steven aka “ThePivotKing” is the creator of The Pivot King Method. A highly effective trading system when used right that helps provide relatively low risk, high probability trade setups that are derived from mapping out Pivot Levels with specific levels of support and resistance.

These well defined levels provide some sort of risk definition which will help you in area’s on where to place your stops along with potential trade targets. Also, these well defined Pivot area’s give you the tools and a trading plan in a way that a trader can take control of his/her own trades using there own analysis.

You can choose to use The Pivot King Method for day trading or swing trading or even both. Steven has been trading full time now for around 5 years but has been involved in financial markets for around 18 years.

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    Taking part in the webinar classes hosted by Steven and the other analysts is the best way to really grasp knowledge and learn tricks in trading these markets. It is highly advisable members access these webinars when they are made available on a weekly basis. Only The Pivot King Course members are able to access these live webinars.

Why Do You Have A System Called The Pivot King System/Method?

Well, I found thru all the years being a trader that you need a system when trading. Without having a system in place you are basically gambling or entering in a room with a blind fold on and you don’t know where you are heading.

Having a system that I built for myself that I am willing to share gives me direction and confidence in these markets. Without a trading system you are basically trading blind.

You have to have a trading plan built on rules which gives you a direction on what you should be doing if a trade is triggered.

Some examples of these rules I have made are when you should sell half of your position, what target you should be aiming for, where to put your stop, what to look for in a reversal, counter trend trading, when to buy the dips and much more which are covered in my trading course.

If you don’t know any of the points I just mentioned before entering in a trade, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE TAKING THE TRADE. The Pivot King Method is based on trade setups that give you triggers. Those trigger setups are area’s that are well defined risk area’s and levels. The Pivot King Method that I have built for myself is what I use when day trading and or swing trading within these markets.

Without a system that works for you or your (Personality), you should not be trading. That is called gambling and I am not a gambler. There is a big difference between a gambler and a trader.

You basically should not be taking a trade if you don’t know where you would put your stop, where you would be taking off some profit and what your targets are. If you don’t know this information THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE TAKING THE TRADE in the first place.

The Pivot King Method that I have built for myself establishes these defined rules that keeps me in check when a trade setup is in place.

How Do You Map Your Pivots and How Do You Get At Times Exact To The Tick Hits On Levels In These Markets?

Many here know me from my Twitter Account: @ThePivotKing. Yes, I am referred to often as “The Pivot King” or “The King Of Pivots”. As many here already know I get at times To The Tick hits on pivot levels that I map out myself with a technique I use that gives me levels of relatively low risk, high probability trade setups.

That technique I am referring to I call “The Pivot King Method.” I found all these years trading that the market moves 100% on symmetry.

You can use this work for day trades or swing trades depending on which time frames you choose to use. You will at many times pinpoint highs and lows when trading with Steven’s proven approach. Steven is famous for his advanced Pivot Trading techniques and expert technical analysis.


How is Different From Other Trading Membership Services?

I have subscribed to many websites in the past. Many of these websites would have traders (Analysts) post live trades and what I have found is all of these websites at the end of the month would show a profit every month. They would never show their losses only profits. Yes, every single month a profit.

I use to track these trades myself on many of these websites and most if not all these profits that were shown were all made up profits. Trades were edited, deleted and many of the trades that were actual losses they would fabricate the numbers to show a profit.

When trading you have to expect losses they will come. It is apart of being a trader.

These websites that fabricated there results will not tell you this as many if not all believe what they are stating is true so you will subscribe to their services.

There is no HOLY GRAIL IN TRADING. There is no system that will Guarantee you money. You are your own system which others fail to mention.

You are your own system and you need to manage your own trades/risk. That is what another website will not tell you. This is one of the reasons why I have built

What other websites won’t tell you is that trading takes time and patience and each asset class trades different. Natural Gas is different from Oil how it moves (Volatility), the SandP is different than the Nasdaq on how it moves. It is essential you get to know how the market moves and times it moves when trading a particular symbol weather it be futures a stock or an ETF.

I constantly repeat to traders to first practice and see how a particular asset class moves first to get a feel for that particular market you want to trade. What other websites will push on you is to subscribe and follow their analysts and you will make money. That is not the case and I will explain why below with a couple of points.

1) They might have a bigger account then you do.

2) They are able to put their stop and have more of a wider stop range then you do because of their account size.

3) You might absorb more of a trading loss or meet a margin call due to your account size versus the analyst you are following account size.

4) You might not be able to survive multiple losses which happens due to your account size.

5) Market swings can affect the trader’s decision-making process and confidence which leads you into making a big mistake meaning a big loss. We have all been here before.

Trading can affect your judgement and experience helps when trading these markets.

Why I stress to first practice trading then dip into the markets only after you have practiced and feel confident on how the particular market you are trading moves and how well you are doing with your practice account.

6) Your stop loss might have been executed and the analysts stop which might be in a different place then yours did not get executed. What others won’t tell you is that Trading Futures/Options 3x ETFS or even stocks are high-risk. You have to practice and get a feel for any market you trade. I STRESS THIS TO EVERYONE MULTIPLE TIMES.

Becoming a trader is time consuming and you need to educate yourself first before ever starting to trade. Trading is not for everyone and it takes time and sacrifice. If you don’t have the time nor the will to educate yourself on how a particular market moves and to first PRACTICE TRADE until you notice your account steadily growing then I suggest you not learn how to trade.

I have said this before if you don’t know how to manage your trades (Entries/Exits/Stops) then YOU SHOULD NOT BE TRADING and chances are you are likely to blow up your account. This is what other websites will not tell you and I am telling you.

My course will detail all of this and will teach you how to map and find areas with relatively low risk and high probability trade setups. However, what you do with these trade setups is up to you. The course will help you in managing and looking for these area’s but like I have said many of times, you are your own driver.

No one can tell you a trade and guarantee you money. They do not know your account size nor neither your personality which also plays a factor when trading. You need to educate yourself on how to trade which is one of the reasons why I am doing this course.

I wish I was told this many years ago from the many sites I have signed up to in the past. Unfortunately, many of them are to worried about how many subscribers they have so good luck getting the truth out of them.

Why Do You Have Your Own Website If You Are a Full Time Trader?

Trading is a very boring job. It is the most boring job in the world. Most days I don’t even make a trade. I tend to wait for triggers and if no triggers are lining up I don’t trade.

Having a website keeps me from this boredom. I was on twitter a lot to by pass my boredom but you can only do so much on twitter.

Having to stay by my computer for many long hours you need something to occupy your time while waiting for trade setups. Having my own website (Forum) will by pass a lot of this boredom.

I always wanted to have my own Trading Room where many traders can exchange idea’s and trade these markets together. My dream came true! is built for traders to share knowledge. It is not just about me. I am not a guru and anybody claiming they are a guru believe me they are not either. You will have losses trading and if you can’t handle losses then you shouldn’t be trading.

It’s about managing those losses that are a key in making you a profitable trader.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted my own website (Forum). I wanted to build a community of traders to share knowledge with each other and help each other grow into becoming a more profitable trader. Having a forum with experienced traders sharing knowledge will not just help me but many other experienced/novice traders as well.

I only have 2 eyes. Having several eyes in the Traders Forum posting setups also helps me in getting into a position that I have not might have seen if it wasn’t for those extra set of eyes looking for and posting the setups.

What Traders Are Saying

Why Take The Pivot King Method Course

A lot of the posts in the forum have to do with mapping pivots and finding areas of defined risk entries to trade off. It is highly advisable that members sign up to the course so you can get a better understanding on how these pivot price levels actually work and how to map the pivots which is important you map them the right way. The Pivot King Method Course helps with both day trades and swing trades. You will gain more insight to pinpointing the highs and lows in these markets trading with Steven’s proven approach.

Meet Our Analysts

Meet our Analyst Team that comes with becoming a member of We just launched on Sept/30/2018 and we have many analysts already that want to join. For now, we have 3 analysts and we will be adding more in the months to come. Having access to the below analysts and wealth of knowledge will help you in your journey into becoming a profitable trader. You can ask any of the below analysts questions in the forum. They are there to assist you in your trading endeavors. If you are interested in becoming an Analyst on – Feel Free To Contact Us.

  • Steven Marcantonio

    (The Pivot King)

    Founder of TheBesTTraders and Course Author of The Pivot King Method. Trades Strictly Futures (Commodities & Indices)

  • Japhy_Goldman_DataTraderPro_com
    J. Goldman


    Block Trades Specialist/Market Internals Analyst. Trades Futures (Commodities & Indices)

  • Anna_Marcantonio_The_Pivot_Queen
    Anna Marcantonio

    (The Pivot Queen)

    Trades Mainly ETFs and stocks. GLD, GDXJ, SLV, TLT, USO, UNG and much more. Where ever there is a setup in ETFs and Stocks, The Pivot Queen will find them.