You Want To Trade With The Best Traders? "You just found them. Welcome To A community of great traders exchanging knowledge to help novice traders and or experienced traders into becoming profitable traders"Learn a proven method of technical analysis taught by Steven Marcantonio aka “The Pivot King” whom is highly regarded in mapping Pivots and finding area’s that if mapped correctly have very defined risk with excellent reward scenarios. You want to give it a test run? Sign-up for Steven’s free daily videos and the Traders Forum below.








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As far as I am concerned there is NO EQUAL to Steven (PK) and his pivots. His insight and knowledge (also reflected in the pivots) truly pinpoints "TO THE TICK" the levels on just about any instrument. It's been proven time and time again which means it's real.John Kassabian

Steven aka ThePivotKing is the creator of The Pivot King Method. A highly effective trading system when used right that helps provide relatively low risk, high probability trade setups that are derived from mapping out Pivot Levels with specific levels of support and resistance. These well defined levels provide some sort of risk definition which will help you in area’s on where to place your stops along with potential trade targets. These well defined Pivot area’s give you the tools and a trading plan in a way that a trader can take control of his/her own trades using his analysis. You can choose to use The Pivot King Method for day trading or swing trading or even both. Steven has been trading full time now for around 5 years but has been involved in financial markets for around 18 years.

How Do You Map Your Pivots and How Do You Get At Times Exact To The Tick Hits On Levels In These Markets? Many here know me from my Twitter Account: @ThePivotKing. Yes, I am referred to often as The Pivot King or The King Of Pivots. As many here already know I get at times To The Tick hits on pivot levels that I map out myself with a technique
Why Do You Have A System Called “The Pivot King System/Method?Well, I found thru all the years being a trader that you need a system when trading. Without having a system you are basically gambling or entering in a room with a blind fold on and you don’t know where you are heading,
How is Different from other Trading Websites? I have subscribed to many websites in the past. Many of these websites would have traders (Analysts) post live trades and what I have found is all of these websites at the end of the month would show a profit every month. I use to track these trades myself on many of these websites
Why do you have your own website if you are a full time trader?Trading is a very boring job. It is the most boring job in the world. Most days I don’t even make a trade. I tend to wait for triggers and if no triggers are lining up I don’t trade. Having a website keeps me from this boredom
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