The Pivot King

Traders can use Steven’s method of analyzing defined high probability setups with regards to support and resistance levels to trade against. Steven teaches a method/system to traders on how to use these zones and triggers to enter trades and use proper methods of taking profits and cutting losses short. Steven’s goal was always to build a community of traders in which traders can exchange ideas and charts to help each other becoming a more profitable trader. One of the reasons why Steven created a Community Forum For Traders.

“Trading is like the Matrix. You tend to see things that others don’t once you put the time and sacrifice in watching how markets actually move. Trading is not easy, however, with a trading system and the use of proper tools along with a trading plan (Rules) traders can take control of their trades in correlation to their account size.

Learning to Trade takes a lot of patience and sacrifice. If you don’t want to put the time in trading then trading is not for you. Learn how to trade yourself and don’t depend on others to trade for you. If you do, you will not last more then 3 months in these markets maybe less.

Practice first then dip into the water. Practice makes perfect. Lots of sharks in these waters. Don’t become the fish, trade to become the shark. With the help of The Pivot King Method Course, you will now have a plan and rules that will allow you to manage your risk and trades. Without a system or rules you are basically driving blind. When you are driving blind you are bound to get into an accident. Same thing goes with trading, your account will have an accident.

Don’t be a Gambler, be a Trader. Practice first when you first start out trading. When your account is steadily growing for at least 6 months then you are ready to FISH.”

– Steven Marcantonio

About Steven Marcantonio:

Steven is the creator and author of with over 15 years experience within financial markets. His work has been mostly on Twitter when he started posting on FinTwitt about 2 years ago or so. He has established a big following on Twitter which many have asked him to do his own website and trading course. It took Steven about 19 months do decide to do a website/course and he has finally committed to it. Currently Steven is also writing a book called “Trading With Pivots” which will be available sometime in 2019 when he expects the book to be fully completed.

His chart analysis focuses on Pivot Points which he maps himself to find areas of defined risk. He applies these defined risk areas to price and along with indicator bands and market internals to identify high probability trading setups/triggers for himself and his subscribers. He distributes this analysis through Trading Forum (A Community of Traders Helping Each Other) and thru daily videos to prepare traders for the next trading day.

His goal is to teach traders to map these pivots themselves and take trading into their own hands managing risk/profit/losses themselves. He wants to help traders trade and define trades set to their account size and their personality. is For Novice and or Experienced Traders:

If you are a novice or experienced trader and you are looking for defined levels to trade off that are low risk setups then you will want to join Mapping Pivots is about looking for trade setups/triggers that give you an edge. Also taking profits along the way to your target(s). If you are having a hard time with selling the lows and taking profits to soon, then The Pivot King Method Course is what you need.

Mapping of Pivots works on any timeframe and works with ETFs, Stocks and Futures. It has to do with mapping and syncing within the markets. Many traders in Forum map pivots regularly for stocks, ETFs and futures. The benefit of this is Steven only has two eyes and with many mapping out pivots and areas of defined risk everybody can take advantage of every other traders work. You can call it a Pivot Army in which Steven always wanted to create.

Steven aka “The Pivot King” provides Daily Video’s and Chart(s) setups for the next trading day. Daily Videos cover Stocks, ETFs, Futures and are about 30 minutes to an hour long around 6:00 p.m eastern every night.

To get access to up to the minute setups/trigger alerts you will want to sign-up to become a member of Daily Videos Cover the most popular stocks, etfs and futures. You will want to join Forum where you will have access to Steven and many other traders around the clock 24/7. If you would like to test out a membership for JUST $7, CLICK HERE.

It is highly advisable you take “The Pivot King Method” Course to understand these chart setups and triggers. Steven covers how he maps these pivots which often are Direct To The Tick hits in Stocks, ETFs, and Futures. The Pivot King Method works for all Stocks, ETFs and Futures. For more information regarding “The Pivot King Method Course” PLEASE CLICK HERE.