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I believe by putting in many hours a day providing quality chart analysis and constantly helping others with your skills, you should be compensated for your time. I find many these days want everything for FREE. Well, of course information is provided free but when you put in hours a day and sacrifice time with your family and spend many hours providing valuable information/charts, I believe you should be compensated for your time. Especially if the information you are providing is very useful. Becoming an analyst on you will receive the below features.
  • FREE ACCESS To All Rooms and Membership features
  • 70% of the fee of Each Membership that signs up to your Services/Room will be given to you on a monthly basis. Payment made and history of your subscribers all detailed in an easy to read format.
  • Ability to monitor your own Room in Community Forum
  • Ability to apply discounts and any type of promotion offers you might want to offer to your subscribers
  • Ability to provide a stock trading course, stock trading book in which all can be marketed on
  • All Marketing, Digital Media, Webmaster, Hosting Services, Newsletters are all sent out for you and provided by Steven's team has over 20+ Years experience in Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. Your in very good hands with multiple companies in Media and Search Engine Optimization doing all the marketing and advertising that is behind and are partners with
  • You don’t have to do anything. does everything for you. It is like having your own website with no costs, no maintenance, no marketing. Everything is handled by All you will have to do is provide knowledge and help members in becoming a profitable trader. Everything is handled by Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Team with over 20 years experience.
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